8 Reasons Sleep is Critical to our health

Importance of sleep

It’s Bedtime!! (Adapted from Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s Book Go To Bed) Welcome to our “Sleep Series”!!  Getting adequate, quality sleep is SUCH an important topic to our entire health we can’t jam everything into one post.  So we will be posting several articles on sleep, it’s importance, how to get enough, how to set –…

12 Tips For a Better Sleep Tonight!

better sleep

Welcome to our second article on sleep.  In our first article we discussed the importance of sleep and in this one we will offer 12 tips to help you get a better sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep seems so elusive sometimes doesn’t it?  The reality is, that you need to start to prepare for…

What Does Stress, Worry and Anxiety Have To Do with Pelvic Pain?

anxiety and pelvic pain

(adapted from an article in Best Health Magazine – Aug/Sept 2020) What’s the difference between worry, stress and anxiety anyways, and what does it have to do with pelvic pain?  We often use these terms interchangeably but there is a difference. Stress is a reaction to pressure.  Think of an elastic band when you “stress”…

Reading for your Health

Books in basket

Reading improves your vocabulary, sharpens your memory, it can improve your sleep and can lessen stress! Escape to a magical world or read about a subject you’re interested in; books shape people and open minds 💫📚🙌🥰💪🧠

Building a strong sense of Resilience

Flower near gardening tool

Having a sense of resilience is a growing need in our world today. It’s become a cornerstone in the Education industry and core attribute of successful individuals around the world. How to build resilience one day at a time…